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Do Newborn Photos have to be done within 14 days after birth?

I think since newborn photography has been a thing, people have always thought that newborn photos HAD to be done within 14 days after birth.

Don't get me wrong, if you want sleepy baby, posed newborn photos, which is pretty true.

BUT, since I prefer Lifestyle Newborn Photography this isn't true AT ALL.

Even with an outdoor newborn photoshoot your baby can be older.

So, don't think just because it's been 4 weeks since you baby arrived that it's too late.

To see more from this beautiful outdoor newborn photoshoot keep on scrolling! To book your own Lifestyle or Outdoor Newborn Photoshoot CLICK HERE.


family photography session in front of an old barn while parents hold daughters

oldest daughter giving mom a kiss while mom holds newborn baby during newborn photoshoot in a park

family photo of family in a park with mom holding newborn baby and older daughter on dads shoulders

family standing on path with sun setting in a park for family photos

family together on a white blanket in a park during family photos

big sister lays on blanket with newborn baby for newborn photo

smiling big sister looks at camera during family photoshoot while baby sister lays nearby on white blanket

newborn baby lays on white blanket while big sister kisser herhand

family posing on steps of historic home during newborn photoshoot

family photo of family sitting on steps of historic home looking at new baby

mother posing with newborn baby and older daughter on steps of historic home for a family photoshoot

mother holding newborn baby sitting on the steps of a historic home while older sister leans in

family laughing and walking together in a park

wide angle capture of family on dock at sunset near river during family photoshoot

family photo of family together on dock near river at sunset

family on kaya launch near river at sunset while older sister kisses newborn baby

family walking together down boardwalk at sunset with river behind them

mother looking down at newborn baby with river behind her at sunset during newborn photos

dad cuddling oldest daughter during family photoshoot

dad nose to nose with newborn baby near the river for newborn photos

family hugging together on boardwalk at sunset with river behind them during family photoshoot

family on boardwalk at sunset looking out into the water during family photography session

big sister tickling baby's feet near the water during an outdoor newborn photography session

big sister kissing baby's feet at sunset near water for family photo

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