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Capturing the Cuteness - The Essentials of a Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session

Capturing beautiful and memorable newborn photographs at home requires careful planning and attention to detail. Here are some essentials for a successful lifestyle newborn photography session at home:

1. Communication with Parents:

- Discuss expectations and preferences with the parents before the session.

  • Make sure the parents have any items they want to include in the session ready. Often a sentimental item, treasured heirloom or just an outfit a specific family member gave to them that they want to use.

2. Timing:

- Schedule the session during the baby's sleepiest time, typically in the morning or early afternoon.

- Allow enough time for feeding, diaper changes, and breaks as needed. I typically tell families the session will be 2-3 hours long.

3. Natural Light:

- Utilize natural light whenever possible. Position the baby near windows to achieve soft, flattering light.

- Turn off artificial lights that might cast unnatural colors.

  • Having a reliable flash or external light source that you know how to use often comes in handy at Lifestyle Newborn photoshoots as you never know if a cloud will block light or there just isn't enough natural light in the home.

4. Comfortable Temperature:

- Ensure the room is comfortably warm, as newborns are sensitive to temperature.

- Use swaddles and blankets to keep the baby cozy.

5. Props and Blankets:

- Have a variety of soft, neutral-colored blankets and wraps for swaddling.

- I am not a big prop person, but if there is a specific piece of furniture or item that means something to the family know how to safely incorporate it.

6. Background:

- Choose a clutter-free and aesthetically pleasing background. BUT do not make the family clean (they just had a newborn). Just move anything out of the shot that causes a distraction.

- Consider using the baby's nursery or the parents' bedroom for a personal touch. If there is a pretty sunroom or living room that gets lots of natural light use it!

7. Camera Equipment:

- Use a camera with a fast lens (wide aperture) to create a shallow depth of field.

- Ensure your camera settings are optimized for low light conditions.

8. Patience and Flexibility:

- Be patient and flexible, as newborns can be unpredictable.

- Take breaks when needed, and don't rush the process.

9. Posing Techniques:

- Focus on natural and comfortable poses that showcase the baby and the connection and love of the family.

- Capture candid moments and expressions.

10. Family Involvement:

- Encourage parents and siblings to participate in the session for meaningful family shots. Adding in pets is another way to make the session more meaningful for the family.

- Capture genuine interactions and emotions.

11. Safety First:

- Prioritize the safety of the newborn throughout the session.

- Avoid risky poses and always have someone (ideally a parent) nearby to assist.

12. Client Comfort:

- Make sure the parents feel comfortable and involved in the process.

- Address any concerns or questions they may have.

By focusing on these essentials, you can create a positive and enjoyable experience for both the newborn and their family, resulting in beautiful and cherished photographs.


borther and sister sit in chair holding newborn baby sister

family sits together on patterned rug in the nursery in front of the crib holding newborn girl and smiling at newborn photographer

family sits together on patterned rug in the nursery in front of the crib holding newborn girl

brother sits in mom's lap and helps hold newborn sister in the nursery

newborn girl held by mom looks at newborn photographer while brother gives her a kiss

big brother sits in moms lap and helps hold newborn sister while older sister sits beside them

family sitting on patterned rug in front of the crib as mom hilds newborn baby and brother gives mom a kiss

older siblings looking at newborn sister in her crib

newborn photo of baby girl in her crib through the crib bars

the top of newborn girl head through crib slats

close up of newborn baby girl sleeping on a blanket with her name

close up of newborn baby girl in her bed sticking out her tounge

newborn baby girl hand

father holds newborn girl looks at local newborn photographer

father gives gentle kiss to newborn girl

parents look down on newborn girl dad is holding

parents smile at each other as dad holds newborn girl

mother looks down on sleeping newborn girl she holds during lifestyle newborn photoshoot

parents lean in close to newborn girl

mom holds newborn girl while dad sits beside and all look at newborn photographer

parents look down on newborn girl they hold between them

view from above of newborn girl held by dad with mom close for newborn pictures

mother holds sleeping newborn girl on her shoulder during newborn photos

mother cuddle baby girl while dad gives the newborn girl  a kiss

mother cuddle baby girl while dad gives mom a kiss

mother holds newborn girl while older daughter sits near giving a kiss to  the baby

mother holds newborn girl while older daughter sits near her looking at  the baby

mother holds newborn girl while older daughter sits near her reading to the baby

mother holds newborn girl while older daughter sits near her reading to the baby

lifestyle photo from above of big sister reading to baby sister held by mom

photo from above of newborn baby feet

newborn girl swaddled in white on white background looks at newborn photographer

profile of a newborn baby girl

newborn baby girl in white with big sister laying next to her

close up photos of a tiny newborn baby hand

close up photos of newborn baby lips

close up shot of newborn baby hand


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