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Capturing Play | Family Photography

When I'm editing a family photography session, I have realized I always have favorite images in a gallery.

Often times, those images are one of two things.

Play or details.

By play, I mean children jumping, running, singing, dancing, all the things that make childhood amazing.

By details, I mean those things that are here now, but may not be in 5 years. Tiny curls, a crinkled nose, silly faces, chubby hands. Maybe even a favorite lovie or the way they cuddle into mom when tired.

Our little ones grow and change so fast, that these things need to be etched into our memory to hold forever.

As a family photography, I try to capture these things so that you have photographic evidence to remind you, bring you back, make you smile.

This session was all the things and all the love. You have to scroll on down to see it.

But, if you are already interested in booking a family photography session with me, CLICK HERE.


family sitting together smiling for a family portrait

family sitting together on a white blanket on a fallen tree during family photos

sisters in matching dresses hugging

family photo of family together on steps of old farm house

family cuddling together on steps of old farmhouse during family photos

mom kissing oldest daughter on steps of old white farmhouse during family photoshoot

dad and daughters on steps outside white farmhouse

dad cuddling little girls on white front porch steps

black and white of parents looking at each other while little girls run circles around them in a park

black and white of parents looking at each other while sisters cuddle

family walking hand in hand bathed in golden sunlight during family photoshoot

mother laughing while family holds hands walking through a park

sisters playing ring around the rosie in a park at sunset

matching sisters in golden sunset light laughing towards family photographer who is taking their photo

sisters in matching dresses sitting on wooden box in a park at sunset for family portrait

sisters hugging while sitting on wooden box in a park at sunset

big sister kissing little sister during sunset family photoshoot

blonde curls on a toddlers head in golden sunset light

close up of preschool girl in her own pose

blondes sisters in green dresses dancing in sunset golden light

close up of smiling toddler girl

family together with toddler on dads shoulders on a boardwalk at sunset over a river

little girls cuddling mom on boardwalk at sunset

black and white of little girls kissing mom

sisters holding hands walking down boardwalk at sunset during family photos

sisters running back on the boardwalk together during sunset family photoshoot

little girl running at the camera during a family photoshoot

sisters dancing on the boardwalk during family photos

toddler laughing while she runs down the boardwalk

parents looking at each other on a boardwalk at sunset

daughter swinging and holding hands with mom

daughter looking up at mom

mother and daughter looking over dock towards sunset during family photos

little girl looking at camera on a dock at sunset for family photos

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