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Can You Include Pets in Newborn Photos?

They were your first children, even if they are a fur baby. We LOVE our pets. So, when you welcome a new addition to the family it's natural to want to include them in your newborn photoshoot.

As a newborn photographer in Jacksonville and St Augustine Florida, I can you tell my answer when clients ask.


I love including pets in my lifestyle newborn photo session, AS LONG AS WE CAN DO IT SAFELY.

If that means, the dogs sit next to the crib, but not near the baby? Sometimes. But even if they are on the floor beside you, as long as your pet isn't a danger to the baby, I am ALL IN.

This wonderful family had an AMAZING black lab. Who loved scratches and being included.

Which made my job even better.

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dad comforting newborn baby while mom sits on leather sofa smiling during lifestyle photoshoot

portrait of family together in master bedroom

black and white of family together in master bedroom

newborn baby looks at camera while older brother pats his head

dad holds newborn baby while older brother helps and mom looks on

dad nose to nose with newborn baby

5 year old sits on orange leather couch holding newborn brother for photo

5 year old holds baby brother while sitting on leather couch

dad and 5 year old son looking at newborn baby

dad smiling with sons

5 year old son smiles while holding smiling newborn brother

father helping older son hold newborn baby

newborn yawns while big brother holds him

close up of awake newborn

older brother looking at photographer while parents hold newborn baby

older brother helping hold newborn baby in master bedroom

lifestyle portrait of family together on master bed

lifestyle photo in master bedroom while parents sit on bed with newborn baby

mother kissing newborn baby while dad holds him

portrait of parents cuddling newborn baby

parents cuddle newborn baby

mom kissing newborn baby while dad holds him

close up of newborn baby

newborn baby on dads shoulder while mom cuddles in

new baby lays on dads shoulder

family dog kissing newborn baby

family together with dog in master bedroom

close up of black lab with parents and new baby in the background

family dog laying next to older boy with parents in background

family laying on parents bed with family dog and older brother laughing

mother calming newborn baby

photo of mother in adventure themed nursery

mom holding newborn baby in nursery during lifestyle photoshoot

mother cuddling newborn baby in nursery

mother holding newborn baby in nursery

close up of newborn baby held by mother

mother looking down at newborn baby

close up of newborn baby

newborn photoshoot at home of mother holding newborn baby

mom in blue dress holds swaddled newborn baby during photoshoot

mom in blue dress smiles while holding newborn baby

mother cuddling newborn baby

mother holding newborn baby smiles at camera

parents cuddled together holding newborn baby during newborn photoshoot

mom holding new baby while dad kisses her forhead

parents cuddling newborn baby in nursery during photoshoot

parents kissing over newborn baby in nursery