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Can You Do Newborn Photos at Home?

Years ago, when I first started doing photography, I thought I had to only do posed newborn sessions.

Studio like setting, plain backdrop, as many poses of the baby as possible (even if I couldn't do them well). All the things.

Then, one day I had a newborn session an hour away. I couldn't bring the studio, so I had them use the master bedroom bed.

And, that's when I realized, I preferred that kind of newborn photos.

The kind where the backdrop is the home (not a piece of fabric or roll of paper).

Where the toddlers can play, come in and out of where we are and be comfortable.

Where snacks are readily available.

And where I can also capture the nursery and all the details of this new little life and the love that surrounds him/her.

Lifestyle Newborn Photography had my heart.

I love being a newborn photographer and capturing all the love.

So, take a moment today to see a few of my favorite images from a recent newborn photography session at home!


close up newborn photo of baby girl

toddler girl sitting in moms lap holding newborn baby sister

toddler sister laying down next to newborn baby sister from above

big sister laughing while holding newborn baby sister and mom kissing her

mom looking at big sister while she lays next to newborn baby girl

family all together on parents bed with newborn baby

mom holding baby girl in nursery and cuddling her

parents in yellow nursery with newborn baby girl and family dog

close up of newborn baby girl held by parents

close up of newborn baby girl held by father

father with oldest daughter kissing him while he holds newborn baby girl

toddler sister kissing newborn baby girl

newborn baby girl in crib with father helping older siblings look in

newborn baby girl in crib from above with dog beside crib

photo of newborn baby girl in crib from above

close up of newborn baby girl

newborn photo of father kissing baby's head

father head to head with newborn baby

family playing during lifestyle photography session

family playing together during lifestyle photos


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