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Can You Do Newborn Photography Outdoors?

As a newborn photographer in Jacksonville, Florida I have captured many precious little lives.

Over the course of my career, I realized I prefer lifestyle newborn photography over a more studio newborn photoshoot feel and I changed my plans to reflect that.

Then in 2020 when everything went crazy I began offering outdoor newborn photoshoots as a way to help clients feel safe capturing this precious time in their lives without inviting a stranger into their home.

This decision has created nothing but magic for me and I am SOOOOO glad I did it.

This was my first time doing an outdoor newborn photoshoot at this location in Jacksonville, Florida and it will not be my last.

The whole session turned out absolutely gorgeous.

To see a few of my favorites from this session just scroll on down. To book your own outdoor newborn photography session OR find out information on all the newborn photo options I have, CLICK HERE to get my Newborn Portrait guide.

I only take on 4 newborns a month and am currently booking newborns for 2023.


family photo of family on dock over water near Jacksonville Florida

toddler tickling baby sister's feet on dock over the water in Jacksonville Florida

family on dock over the water for a photo

family photo of happy family at local park

family smiling with toddler and newborn baby in front of bamboo at local park

big sister kissing baby sister for family photo for local photographer

family smiling near bamboo at local park for newborn photography

black and white close up of big sister holding newborn sister's hand

mom dancing with toddler daughter under oak trees with spanish moss

family smiling while standing under old oak trees with spanish moss for family photos

toddler girl smiling while mom holds her and dad holds new baby

family smiling while on a blanket during an outdoor newborn photography session

toddler tickling newborn baby girl's feet

toddler smiling while sitting with family on blanket at local park for newborn photoshoot

mom smiling while holding newborn baby girl during outdoor newborn photoshoot

mom sitting outside on a blanket holding newborn baby girl

close up of newborn baby girl

mom cuddling newborn baby girl while dad dances with toddler daughter in background

mother and big sister looking at newborn baby during newborn photoshoot

big sister kissing newborn baby while sitting on blanket with mom

top of newborn baby head held by dad in Jacksonville park

professional newborn photo of dad holding baby girl at local park

dad looking at newborn daughter for photo

black and white photo of newborn baby feet

father holds both daughters on steps at local park for photoshoot

big sister kissing baby sister while dad holds both of them

toddler laughing while dad holds both girls during photoshoot

dad holding both girls during newborn photoshoot

toddler girl smiling while dad holds newborn baby sister

big sister kissing newborn baby's head while dad looks on

family sitting on steps at local jacksonville park during newborn photoshoot

mom dancing with daughter during photoshoot

mother holding toddler daughter at park in jacksonville florida

family with newborn baby at a park in jacksonville florida

newborn photoshoot of parents holding newborn baby and toddler

toddler on dad's shoulders while mom holds newborn baby for newborn photo

newborn photo of family laughing while mom holds newborn

dad playing with older daughter while mom holds newborn baby

dad flying daughter to kiss newborn sister

close up of newborn girl hand

close up of newborn girl feet

close up of newborn girl face

newborn girl in moses basket

toddler kissing newborn baby girl in moses basket

mom cuddling newborn baby girl

newborn baby girl sleeping on mother's shoulder


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