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Are sunrise Beach Maternity Photos worth it?


Of course, that's the short answer. As a Maternity Photographer in Jacksonville and St Augustine, Florida we are blessed with no snow and many gorgeous areas for beautiful maternity photos.

Depending on what is a client's style or vision for their maternity shoot I try to suggest various places, BUT my favorite.....

Every time....

Is a sunrise beach maternity photoshoot.

I can't explain why, but I do so love them.

This wonderful couple contacted me a drove all the way from SOUTH CAROLINA for their session.

We had to bump it once for a hurricane, but when we finally met up. Absolutely maternity photographer dream.

And we were lucky as their sweet little guy arrived a few days later.

So, to see just how gorgeous this maternity photo session was keep on scrolling. If I sold you on a Maternity, Outdoor Newborn or Family sunrise beach session CLICK HERE to get all the info on booking!


expectant mother looking away while posing in front of a beach sunrise for a maternity photoshoot

couple standing on rocky beach looking toward their baby during sunrise maternity pictures

couple standing on rocky beach at sunrise for maternity photos

couple walking on beach hand in hand during sunrise maternity photography session

expectant mother laughing as she cradles her tummy during sunrise beach maternity photoshoot

smiling pregnant mother on rocky beach during sunrise photoshoot

maternity photo of expectant mom smiling at camera on rocky beach at sunrise

expectant mom posing on rocky beach during sunrise maternity portraits

husband kissing expectant wife's shoulder during beach maternity shoot

parents standing together looking at the sunrise over the ocean for maternity photo

expectant mother stretching in the sun during sunrise maternity pictures

couple kissing on beach with sunrise behind them during maternity portrait session

husband kissing wife's head while they stand together with sunrise behind them during beach maternity photoshoot

pregnant mother walking and looking over shoulder at husband during sunrise beach maternity photos

maternity picture of mother sitting on rock on beach at sunrise

couple together on rocky beach with sun shining on them for sunrise beach photoshoot

expecting mother in tide as water surrounds her knees during sunrise maternity photoshoot

sunrise beach maternity photography session of mother in water break of ocean

expecting mother in white dress on rocky beach at sunrise

smiling pregnant woman on rocky beach during maternity photos

expecting mother standing on rock during sunrise beach photoshoot

sunrise beach maternity photo of mother on rocky beach

waves splashing around expectant mother during sunrise photoshoot

couple together on rock while waves splash around them during sunrise maternity photoshoot

couple together head to head on beach at sunrise for maternity photos

couple kissing on rocky beach at sunrise during maternity photoshoot

couple close together during sunrise maternity pictures

couple back to back while expectant mother smiles at camera for maternity photo

expecting couple on beach for sunrise maternity pictures

couple looking at each other during sunrise beach maternity portraits

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