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5 Tips to help you choose your Newborn Photographer

Welcoming a new little life into your family is an amazing and wonderful time.

Many new parents want to capture these fleeting moments, but struggle with choosing the right Newborn Photographer for them to create and freeze those details about your little one that you never want to forget in a gallery you love.

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1. Style

What is the style of photography you want?

Do you want a Lifestyle session, in studio or outdoors?

Do you want to go to the photographer or have them bring everything to you?

Are you a fan of Posed baby images or do you prefer natural baby led posing?

What kind of editing style do you prefer?

These are important questions to answer when choosing your photographer. If you don't like a photographer's editing style you see on their website and social media, they are not the photographer for you. If you want posed newborn images and their gallery is more baby led natural and lifestyle images. They are not the photographer for you.

If you want a studio, make sure the photographer you choose has one. For example, I am a Lifestyle Baby Led posing newborn photographer. When parents inquire about a session and I can tell they want a lot of posed images and a more studio feel, I recommend other photographers to them. Because that's not where my heart is. When I shoot from where my heart is, the images are so much more beautiful.

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2. Timing

Most parents ask, "when is the best time to schedule a newborn session?" If you are wanting posed, sleepy baby images the best window is usually 5-15 days after birth. If you are wanting more awake baby photos 14-28 days after birth will work better for you, but you may not be able to get those posed images if you want them.

Also, knowing when your spouse is off work, do you need a weekend session? All things to consider when looking at Newborn Photographers in your area. Typically, you should book your Newborn session 3-4 months before your due date, possibly earlier. Many experienced professional newborn photographers calendars can book quickly and they may not have room for a last minute session.

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3. Safety

One of the MOST important factors when talking about newborn photography. An experience professional Newborn Photographer has been trained on safety and takes it very seriously. Especially if you are wanting a more posed newborn session, having a photographer that knows that many popular newborn poses are composites (done in photoshop after the session) is vital! If you ever have a newborn photographer have a baby hold their own head in their hands with no spotter helping them this is a red flag. You want to be sure to choose a photographer that knows how to handle, care for and pose your baby safely.

If the session is in studio, you want to be sure they are cleaning and sanitizing everything properly and safely for your baby.

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4. Availability

I mentioned this earlier, but it's important to talk about again. Because there is a window with newborns for the best possible photos, you need to make sure the photographer does not have any vacations planned, or other conflicts that may make them unavailable if your baby was to come early or late. Due to this, I only take on 4 newborns a month and many other newborn photographers may also limit the number of newborn sessions they will agree to in a given month, so check into this before booking.

THIS IS ESPECIALLY important if you are booking a Fresh 48 session (in hospital newborn session....when one day we can do them again)

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5. Budget

I know often it feels like this should be number 1. But truly, like with most things, you get what you pay for. An experienced Newborn Photographer has taken courses, gone to workshops, invested in the gear and education to help them be the best newborn photographer they can.

A lot more goes into a newborn photography business then a camera. If paying a little more, provides with images you can cherish forever at a session where you felt heard and your baby was safe the entire time is definitely worth the extra cost.

**** Melody Coarsey Photography is a Lifestyle Newborn Photographer in the Jacksonville and St Augustine, FL area. For more information, CLICK HERE to request a copy of my Newborn Portrait Guide.

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