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Watch Me Grow | Family Photography | Jacksonville FL Family Photographer

I should have a section of all of these blogs I do during the Quarantine...

Maybe call them, "The Quarantine Chronicles".

First, because I am blogging WAY less than normal because I don't have the content to share. Second, because most likely this kind of thing won't happen again in my lifetime.

Luckily, I did get a few sessions in before the craziness that I can still share. Before this blog becomes photos of my dogs and kids only.

This wonderful family is one of my Watch Me Grow Families.

I have been photographing the sweet story of Elliot since his parents were waiting on his arrival.

Seriously one of the happiest babies ever, despite a necessary change in wardrobe plans, because you know, he's a baby and things happen, so many laughs, smiles and a beautiful evening at Boneyard Beach just north of Jacksonville, FL.

So, social distance and check out this beautiful beach and wonderful family as I share a few of my favorites from this 8 Month Milestone Family Photoshoot.

Happy Monday (Is it Monday? I think it is)


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