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Capturing the Milestones | 6 Month Milestone Portraits | Jacksonville FL Family Photography

Meeting new families to capture the milestones and growth of their little one is always awesome.

Seeing beautiful older homes, tree lined streets, and a riverfront park I have never been to before, even better.

There are so many hidden gems around Jacksonville, I am always excited to see a new spot.

This sweet family, contacted me to capture their little man halfway through his First Year. All the baby smiles, baby chub, and baby drool (come on teeth) always makes for a sweet session.

This little man and his wonderful parents definately made it easy. Through in a perfect backyard for photos and adorable front step at their beautiful home and even a walk along the river, and I knew I would love every image for certain.

So, stay warm on this chilly Monday as you get back into the routine of life after the Holidays (and maybe eat a veggie or two) and enjoy a few of my favorites from this adorable Family Photography session in Jacksonville, FL.

Happy Monday,


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