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Waiting on Two | St Augustine Maternity Portrait Photographer | Beach Maternity Portraits | Jacksonv

I have been so blessed lately with all the mamas to be I have gotten to meet and capture as they await a new little life, or two.

We planned a gorgeous sunrise Maternity portrait session in Vilano Beach, FL. What we got was SOOOO much fog. But the golden light through the fog was beautiful, the mama was stunning, her little man came out of his shell, dad was ready and we made it work. The images that we were able to capture I kinda love, despite the thick fog. (So thick our hair was damp and everything felt wet when we walked back to the cars)

Looking at them even now makes me smile. I love my job.

So, make a cloudy Monday better with a Beach Maternity Portrait session as this gorgeous mama awaits two little lives to make their arrival.

Happy Monday!


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