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I've said it before, and I will say it again I am sure. My Watch Me Grow families are so special to me. So a family, who lives in hour and a half away, wanting to do a Watch Me Grow plan with me. Amazing. Requesting his 8 month Milestone session done at Disney Boardwalk while it's decorated for Christmas. All the joy and happiness here. Who doesn't love Disney at Christmas? Even the Boardwalk and hotels are just amazing.

Add the most adorable ball of smiley baby chub, his extremely photogenic big brother and their wonderful parents and you have perfection. Was it cold? Sure. But the sun came out and it was wonderful. A Family Photographer's dream.

So, grab some hot tea or coffee and celebrate Friday, dream of Disney and stay warm as you check out some of my favorites from a Family Portrait session in Orlando, FL.



**Stay Warm!!!

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