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Looking Back | Favorite Newborn Images of 2017 | Jacksonville FL | Lifestyle Newborn Photographer |

"Baby: A little bit of heaven, sent down to earth"

Over the past year I found where my heart is. I found the style of photography that calls to me. I gave up on trying to be other photographers and copy their style. And I couldn't be happier. Each and every Lifestyle Newborn session makes me happy. During the session, editing the session...looking back at the images later on. I love it. Every time now. Sure, I see areas I need to grow and better myself. But I no longer feel like I am trying to copy someone else. I have decided to listen to my heart. My heart is all the feelz for in home Lifestyle Newborn sessions (& 48 hour sessions). Each time a client books me I am so happy. I am excited just about the thought of meeting this new life. Capturing timeless images they will treasure forever. Nursery details, furry siblings, playing with toddlers who are now a big brother or sister. I love it all. And I know I am blessed each and every time a client allows me into their home. So, scroll. See my heart. The images that make me happiest. Perfect for a (chilly) Friday. Happiest of Fridays and have a wonderful New Year! ​Melody

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