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Top Newborn Photos of 2023 in Jacksonville and St Augustine, Florida

A couple days ago, I shared the Top Maternity Photos of 2023 (according to social media insights) and so it's only fitting, to now share the Top Newborn Photos of 2023!

These do include newborn and Fresh 48 sessions, but since it's all about those new little lives I think it can all apply.

It's not secret being a newborn photographer is amazing.

Being able to hold, capture and just be around these new little lives is a blessing and I am honored every time a family allows me to do it.

2024 is already looking like an AMAZING year newborn photography wise, as I am starting strong with 6 newborn sessions in January!

Yes, I am aware I say I only take 4 newborns a month, but it's also so hard to say no to a newborn session, sooooo....

Now, to make the last Friday of 2023 even better...the 10 Top Newborn Photos of 2023 according to my social media insights because I can't pick and this blog would be WAY too big if I just added every photo I loved.

If you are ready to book a Newborn photoshoot for February on in 2024 CLICK HERE to get my newborn portrait guide with all the information!


newborn baby boy smiles swaddled in white on white background during newborn photoshoot

view from above of parents holding baby girl during newborn pictures

toddler girl gives newborn brother a hug during newborn photography session at home

toddler gives newborn baby sister a kiss while sitting in dad's lap and older sister looks on during newborn photoshoot

black and white image close up of newborn baby foot in hospital bassinet during fresh 48 photos

new parents lay on bed with newborn baby, black lab dog and older son during newborn photoshoot

black and white image of mother feeding newborn baby in nursery while older brother flies a toy plane

new parents cuddled newborn baby girl during newborn photo session at home

newborn photographer captures a photo from above of newborn baby swaddled in white on a white background with legs kicking out of swaddle

newborn portrait of a baby girl swaddled in the hospital bassinet during a fresh 48 photography session

new parents sit on blanket under a canopy of trees during an outdoor newborn photoshoot

newborn baby on white background swaddled in white photographed by local newborn photographer


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