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Do Newborn Photos have to Complicated?

So, newborn photography has grown SO much over the years.

When it first started, the studio look was all anyone did. Standard poses, and often times elaborate set ups with babies in boxes and such.

A few years ago, I realized I preferred the more relaxed, lifestyle newborn photography style and I never looked back.

Your newborn photoshoot can be as simple as you want. Which takes away a lot of unnecessary stress after just having a baby.

With newborn photos at home, I bring everything to you! Which can include my moses basket. This simple basket with a blanket inside has provided me with many gorgeous newborn photos for families in Jacksonville and St Augustine, Florida.

Want to see examples? Scroll on down to check out a recent Newborn photoshoot in St Augustine, Florida.

Ready to book your Newborn photos? CLICK HERE to grab my Newborn portrait guide!


parents looking at baby while cuddling outside during newborn photoshoot

parents smiling while holding new baby outside at a park

parents cuddling baby during outdoor newborn photoshoot

mom in park in the morning looking at newborn baby for newborn photoshoot

mom looking at camera outside while holding newborn baby

newborn portrait of family with dog and newborn baby outside

dad in a park in the morning looking at newborn baby

dad kissing newborn baby outside in a park

mother holding newborn baby while dad sits behind

black and white photo of dad holding newborn baby and mother looking over his shoulder

parents smiling at newborn baby

newborn baby on dad's legs with mom's hand holding him

sleeping newborn baby held by parents during newborn photoshoot

yawning newborn baby holding hands with parents

close up of newborn baby from above

parents and family dog all looking at newborn baby

black and white photo of family on bed with newborn baby and black lab

dog with ball in mouth looking at camera

family dog with family during newborn photos

newborn portrait of swaddled newborn baby on bed

black and white close up photo of newborn baby

newborn baby swaddled in white on grey bedding with parents behind

mother laying next to swaddled newborn baby

mother laying next to newborn baby and kissing him

close up photo of newborn baby face

close up of newborn baby feet

newborn photo of new baby in moses basket from above

newborn portrait of new baby in moses basket

closes up of newborn baby boy with hand under chin in newborn photo

newborn baby foot poking out of swaddle

newborn photo from above of baby in white swaddle in moses basket on wood floor

baby in white swaddle in moses basket for newborn photo


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