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Thankfulness | Giving Back

I can't believe it's November and though I still have a month till Family Portrait season is over, I am SOOOOO thankful to my amazing clients who have allowed me to be fully booked this year.

I always try to thank my clients for referring friends and family. And this time of year, like many, I seem a little more focused on how thankful I am.

All of my blessings.

That God gave me a small talent, that I love and can use to bless my clients and help my family out a little. And I am so blessed for that.

It's been a few years since I have done this, but I felt this year was perfect for a chance for my to Give Back.

How Can I Help?

Well, all you need to do is if you know a family, who has maybe had a hard year, or is going through something tough. Maybe it's just someone you know how has always given so much of themselves for others.

You can nominate them for a Free Mini Portrait session.

This FREE session will take place in January or February and the person must either live near the Jacksonville/St Augustine area or be willing to come here for the session.

Now, I am not one to broadcast someone else's hard time, so I am not asking you to submit this via social media or some other way that everyone would see.

I just want you to email me the name of the person, email address (so I can contact them if they win) and why they are deserving. Why they deserve to have of the love of their family captured forever.

Starting today, simply email me at:

And let me know. It's that simple. I will save all the emails and a winner will be selected on the last day of the month, November 30th and announced. Yes, I will announce the name, BUT I will not announce why they won unless both YOU (the one nominating) and THEY (the winner) give me the ok to do so.

So, enjoy the cooler weather, and taken a moment to think about your blessings today.

In Thankfulness,


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