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Milestone Portraits | St Augustine, FL Photographer | Family Photographer | Mr. L's 8 Month Mile

I've said it before and I will say it again.

I LOVE my Watch Me Grow families. I love that I get to know them. Get to see their little one as they grow, change, reach new milestones and get adorable little personalities as they go through their first year. Maternity Portraits, Newborn Portraits and then all those milestones.

I get to capture big smiles, sitting, crawling, laughing, little dimples, and chubby legs. Everything you love about your little one. I work to capture.

Of course, I have also mentioned how much I love St Augustine. Just walking around the city makes me feel like I'm on vacation which is awesome because I live so close. (actually, I may need a St Augustine day soon, but that's a side point)

So, when one of my Watch Me Grow families asks for St Augustine I am in. When they mention Mr. L's grandma and great-grandfather are in town, I am even more in. I love capturing multi-generations together. I know how fleeting all that can be sadly, so I LOVE knowing I captured moments, laughs, details that they will forever have.

So, make Monday a little better with some of my favorites from Mr. L's Milestone Portrait session in St Augustine, FL.

Happy Monday!


Family Photos near St Augustine FL

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