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My Why | What I learned at my Photography Conference | Looking Back | Family Photographer Jacksonvil

"What you do matters, but WHY you do it matters much more."

Over the weekend, I attended a Photography conference. My first ever.

Some classes confirmed I was doing some things right. Some classes taught me a few new tricks. But one class was mind blowing. It made me realize, if I work towards my WHY, My work will always be something I love.

Yes, I want to capture images that my clients love. But, the images both myself and my clients love most. Are always ones that fit my why. Looking back it's so clear and yet I missed it. Trying to be everything to everyone. Shooting for me, but also trying to be "perfect".

Which is ridiculous, as no one is perfect.

Before photography was my job, it was my heart. It was my way to stop time on my own girls. To capture all the things I knew had changed. Would change. To capture who they this moment.

Their lovies. Their giggle. The silly. The sleepy. All of it.

And that was amazing. So, when I first started photography, I was worried about being right. Being professional. Being popular. I did every trend, every bad idea I saw on Pintrest. It was rough. Some things still turned out cute despite my attempts, lol.

But as I have grown, and my girls have grown. I want to capture all the moments I missed because I didn't have my "good camera" yet. Or all the moments I hope to capture when my girls reach that point.

I want to capture for every mama every where, how hard she loves her family. Her favorite things about her children. Her love for them. Their love for her. You, mamas. You are the only person I think about now.

The details of their little ones. The details of there love. So, I realized. I want to capture all the aspects of a mother's love. When I do Maternity portraits, Family portraits, Newborn Portraits. All of them. Of course, I capture a father's love too, because as moms we love seeing our husbands as fathers. Loving on their kiddos too.

So, here are a few of my favorite images. Images that show love. Images that show details. Images I feel with all of my mama heart. And I hope all the mamas out there, feel it too.

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