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Tips for Newborns and their Mommas during Flu Season | Tips for Moms | The Motherhood

As moms, we all know this Flu season has been THE WORST. It seems everywhere you go it's there.

I even read this year's flu, may be spread just by someone breathing on you. Scary right?

If you're a momma with a new little life all of this is even scarier. Especially with older siblings at home.

So, how do you keep yourself and your little one protected? I searched the internet for you for the answers. Because I want to keep myself and my girls protected AND because I know alot of my followers are mommas, many with new ones or new ones arriving soon.


These are the tips for everyone. Everyday.

1. Wash hands. Then wash them again. Wash as often as you can. Everyone in the house. Use lotion if your hands get dry, but make sure you are washing your hands or using sanitize after being at stores, school, basically anywhere there are other people.

2. Disinfect. (EVERYTHING) but mainly surfaces that are touched often. Door knobs, counters, toilets and electronic devices....let's be honest our phones go every where we go and have an insane amount of germs on them.

3. Stay away from people who appear sick. (duh) But seriously, if you see a sick kiddo, friend or family member. Take a few steps back, not to be rude, but let's be honest, it's high alert time right now.

OK- NOW the BIG TIPS for moms with Newborns

1. Keep Baby away from public places for the first two months. (as much as possible) The more people, the more germs. With older siblings this can be harder, but do the best you can. Keep yourself and your newest addition safe.

2. Keep your baby covered in public places. Basically, if you must brave the world, cover your baby. Less likely a floating germ can reach them if you do need to go out.

3. Replace hand towels with paper towels. You will have more trash, but think of it as throwing away germs, not killing trees. Once flu season is over bring back the towels.

4. Trust your gut. YOU ARE THE MOM. If you feel someone sounds sick, or a situation might be too germy you can say NO. Both you and your little one need to stay healthy, so better safe than sorry. You will know if it's a bad idea, so even if a friend or family member begs, if your gut is unsure, just say no. Make plans after Flu Season.

You can find even more tips on HealthyWomen.Org and a cute site I found by fellow moms called

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